Glo Ghana Free Browsing Now Available.....

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Glo Ghana Free Browsing Now Available.....

Post by ADMIN on Wed Feb 27, 2013 7:50 pm

Why waste money on internet bundle when you have already wasted enough on calls??? The Glo Ghana Free-to-be-you is finally here for your liberation....

First you need the following:
1. A Modem
2. An unregistered Glo sim card
3. Pdproxy tool and
4. A Pdproxy user account

1. Firstly, get a working internet connection and download Pdproxy from the Pdproxy website: when download is finished, extract to your desktop

2. Now open your extracted files and double-click on "Install TAP Drivers" this should install in no time.Windows 7 users might be asked to install with compatibility setting. No problem, just click yes.....

3. Now register for a free PdProxy account here: A confirmation email would be sent to your email address, check your email and confirm the account.

4. Now insert the unregistered Glo sim card into the modem, connect to pc and when modem drivers are done installing, click connect to get on the internet.. NB: Do not open browser yet....

5. Now open your extracted PdProxy folder and double-click on "PD-Proxy". You should have an interface like this:

Make sure the port is set to ICMP, DEMO SEVER should be left same.

Now type in your PdProxy username and and password and click connect. That's all, folks...Open your browser and Enjoy......

UPDATE: Some PCs require that when you connect the modem to internet without opening the pdproxy yet, you first open the browser, it would take you to the Glo website then you choose pay as you go option before you come and open the pdproxy. Hope this helps. Mine didn't ask for that anyway

PdProxy interface should look like this when fully connected:


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