MTN free Browsing for PC and android phones

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MTN free Browsing for PC and android phones

Post by ADMIN on Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:16 am

visit and follow the set up process...its blazing since october...pls keep it secret

let me help:
From Windows 7 desktop, click Start - Control Panel to open the control panel window;
Click Network and Internet and then click Network and Sharing Center;
Click Set up a new connection or network and then Connect to a workplace;
Select option No, create a new cnonection and then Use my Internet connection ur normal (mtn browsing profile) in ur Modem dashboard
In the Connect to a workplace window, fill the fields as shown below:

Internet address:

Destination Name: SuperFreeVPN
in Next window, use free in the User name field, and use the most up-to-date 4 digits password Free VPN Service with Password Updated Daily in the Password field, click "Connect" button to start your free VPN session

the trick is that if u are asked to no...after that click close.
now click on network signal and choose ur profile that u use to connect mtn...try and connect by clicking on dial...
now click on ur suppervpn profile and connect by clicking dial...
After it has conected...wait for the pop up (click here for more information) open ur browser and go to and if
the page opens u are there....
u dnt need to configure IDM or ur downloader ,EXCEPT TORRENT THAT does not work

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